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Q1 2024 Wrap Up: Silverflow Product Updates

Welcome to your quarterly update on the latest and greatest product updates from Silverflow. Find out what's new and see what Silverflow can now offer you!
Q1 2024 Silverflow Product Updates
How Silverflow Token Service helps acquirers, PSPs and merchants integrate easily (and quickly) with VTS and SCOF

We recently published the API documentation for Silverflow Network Tokens which enables clients to have a fast integration with 1 API, without the need of integration projects with card networks. Our functionality works stand-alone (meaning you can start off with Silverflow just as your tokenisation partner) and we provide all data that you need in order to process multiple payment flows including recurring payments - irrespective of whether you process the actual payment transaction through us or not. The use of network tokens is known to increase authorization rates, and lower interchange and scheme fee costs for recurring payment sequences, and our service is priced based on use - we have no subscription fees. Additionally, key innovations introduced by the card networks such as delegated authentication and Click 2 Pay work on network token infrastructure and we'd be keen to collaborate on enabling you to use this functionality. For more information, please reach out to our account management team.

Detangling Authentication with Silverflow 3DS

Silverflow has worked on several 3DS projects in the last quarter, ranging from compliance renewal, and enhancements, to providing new Bancontact 3DS service.

Firstly, we are happy to announce that we have re-certified the Silverflow 3DS server based on EMVco 3DS 2.1.0 and 2.2.0 specs. In addition, we have expanded our 3DS services, by now supporting 3RI on our 3DS stand-alone endpoint. Our customers and their merchants can now send 3DS authentication messages to the issuer when the shopper is not present. This is extremely useful for some use cases, such as a re-authentication of a recurring payment. This helps the issuer make informed authorization decisions and could help ensure the superpower of liability shift.

Additionally, Silverflow is proud to now offer Bancontact 3DSv2.2. Silverflow now offers 3DS solutions across 3 different card networks, all available via the same endpoint allowing for a seamless integration. As with a number of our services, our 3DS authentication services can be consumed even if the payment transaction is not processed through Silverflow. For more information, please contact us.

Processing Costs Insights - Scheme Fee details report is now in Beta

As we build on our acquirer tools, Silverflow aims to help acquirers demystify your cost of card payments processing. Silverflow has released our new report that supports our clients' understanding of the estimated scheme fees that will be charged by the card networks based on the actions and transactions they perform. This event-driven report enables clients to see what scheme fees are likely to be billed by a card network in almost real-time. It supports our clients who want to support an IC++ pricing strategy, as well as supporting the reconciliation with the fee invoices received from the card networks. The endpoint provides visibility to the scheme fees triggered by cleared and settled transactions but also other actions that trigger fees that may be passed onto Merchants, e.g., Account Status inquiry fees and fees related to declined authorisations. For more information, please contact us.

Silverflow Portal Updates

The Silverflow Portal is constantly evolving with new features like additional search and filter options on the Charges List, individual item details on the Treasurer, the ability to take actions in the Merchant Details, and a new design for the Charge Details page. In addition, there is now a 'What's new' section where clients can follow all updates.

New API Docs

We just released the next generation of the Silverflow API documentation. The new version is restructured into a home page, a guides section, and an API reference to help you browse our documentation, and find what you need fast and packed with additional information such as integration guides to our features. Our new home page includes links to the most important sections, the guides section provides background on all aspects of the platform with an easy-to-navigate sidebar menu, and the familiar API reference section contains a detailed technical description of our endpoints. We're not done yet, and over the coming weeks and months you'll see more updates to our API reference as we aim to help our clients and partners get the best out of our platform.

RDR and Collaboration Flows - even more features for Dispute Management

Silverflow can now facilitate acquirers with Mastercard Collaboration (receiving and responding to requests) and Visa Rapid Dispute Resolution (identifying disputes that were resolved through RDR). These tools help acquirers and their merchants resolve disputes before they turn into chargebacks, reducing chargeback risk and associated costs. The solution can be consumed using the API, portal, and if required onboarding for RDR can be facilitated through one of our partners, Dispute Help. For more information, please reach out to our account management team.

Coming Soon - New and Improved Customer Support Portal

Silverflow will launch a new CRM platform! This will enhance the level of service we're able to offer and help us deliver a better customer experience for you. You've spoken, and we've listened! Once this is live, we'll be able to provide you with cohesive, customizable, and connected customer experiences across sales, marketing, and our account management, technical, and product teams. You'll have 24/7 access to all your ticket data and also access to a growing knowledge base. Your account manager will update you when we're ready to onboard you over the coming months.

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