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Silverflow Partners with DisputeHelp to provide seamless processing and dispute management

Silverflow and DisputeHelp provide payment companies with state-of-the-art payment processing along with end-to-end dispute management services.
DisputeHelp x Silverflow

Silverflow and DisputeHelp provide payment companies with state-of-the-art payment processing along with end-to-end dispute management services. Their complimentary services offer uniquely innovative solutions to acquirers, MSPs, and more because both companies leverage modern, API-based interfaces that allow for seamless communication between the platforms while delivering an excellent customer experience.

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"Partnering with DisputeHelp was a natural choice for us," says Anne Willem de Vries, Co-Founder, and CEO of Silverflow, “With their innovative technology addressing the complexities of disputes for merchants, their solution complements the cutting-edge Silverflow payment processing platform providing acquirers and merchants with next-generation payment technology.”

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"We're thrilled to work with one of the industry's leading organizations to solve some of the biggest challenges in the payments ecosystem," says Vinay Shiriwastaw, Chief Commercial Officer for DisputeHelp. "With DisputeHelp and Silverflow, organizations can leverage modernized payment technology along with top experts in the field to tackle their unique and evolving challenges and use cases."

Chargebacks are very expensive for card acquirers, merchants, and other stakeholders, due to lost merchandise, high fees, operational costs, and potential scheme monitoring program penalties. DisputeHelp’s Deflect (enables Ethoca Consumer Clarity and Verifi Order Insight), Resolve (enables Ethoca Alerts, Verifi CDRN, and RDR), and Recover (representment) solutions can be used in addition to Silverflow's dispute module, allowing clients by Silverflow clients while managing to manage their payment operations in one place. What's more, DisputeHelp and Silverflow's ability to integrate and onboard quickly on behalf of the acquirers, MSPs, and merchants provides a unique value that aligns with clients' go-to-market strategy.

Silverflow and Disputehelp have direct access to the dispute-related networks (e.g. VROL, MasterCom, Ethoca, Verifi, etc.) offering clients all the latest functionality and data required to streamline their dispute management.

About Silverflow

Silverflow is a new kind of payment processing platform designed for today's payment needs and fit for the future. A cloud-native solution with a single API to the card networks. One platform with one connection. Reducing cost and complexity, easy to use, data-rich, Silverflow frees you to innovate.

About DisputeHelp

DisputeHelp provides Acquirers and Merchant Service Providers with white-label dispute management solutions for their merchant portfolios. We create new revenue streams for our clients by adding value to their existing payments platforms merchant services, while giving them robust oversight of these processes by integrating highly effective tools into a single card-agnostic endpoint so merchants save time and money to focus on their core business.

Contact us to learn more about how Silverflow and DisputeHelp can help you streamline your payments!

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