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Q4 2023 - Card Scheme Updates

Your quarterly update for card scheme changes and what they mean for you!
Q4 2023 Scheme Updates

Your quarterly update for card scheme changes and what they mean for you! Here you'll get the latest updates from the last quarter.

Mastercard Pending Acquirer Mandate to Populate the Merchant Payment Gateway ID Goes Live in April

As of April 2024, Mastercard will mandate that acquirers populate the Merchant Payment Gateway (MPG) ID field for card-not-present (CNP) authorizations. Going forward, acquirers must register their third-party payment gateways with Mastercard via the Service Provider Registration process. After registration of an MPG with Mastercard, an acquirer will receive a unique customer ID (CID) called the MPG ID.

Mastercard Introduces Revised Standards for Authorization Data Insights for Select Countries in the Europe Region

As of May 2024, Mastercard is introducing a requirement for Principal Customers to have access to near real-time insights into authorization data and be able to conduct research on authorization activity to quickly detect anomalies and optimize approval rates. This requirement can be met using a tool developed by the Customer in-house or purchased from a third party. In the absence of either of the foregoing, the requirement must be met via the product developed by Mastercard, which is the Mastercard Early Detect Insights (MEDI) product. Silverflow's offering includes multiple methods by which our acquirers can satisfy this requirement. The Silverflow Portal offers a clean, user-friendly, UI to access transaction-level insights, and the Silverflow API provides robust data which can be used to build internal dashboards.

Expansion of partial authorization in Europe for certain MCC

The Partial Authorization Service provides an alternative to declining a transaction when a card’s available balance is not sufficient to approve a transaction for the full amount. When this happens, participating issuers return an authorization response with an approval for a portion of the original amount requested, enabling the remainder of the transaction amount to be adjusted or paid by other means using the split tender functionality. Per the 13th of April, the ecosystem in Europe is expected to support this for CNP and CP transactions for 14 MCC where customers often need to access their funds for critical purchases.

International Settlement Service Acceleration in Europe for Acquirers

Acquirers using the international settlement service (ISS) for EUR, GBP, and USD in Europe to be settled quicker.

Currently, Visa’s timing for funds movement in the ISS occurs two business days after the central processing date (CPD+2) for EUR, GBP, and USD currencies. To reduce the timing between clearing and settlement of transactions and funds transfers, EUR and GBP currencies will be paid to acquirers on CPD+1. USD currency will be paid to acquirers on CPD+0.

Bancontact 3DS mandate

Bancontact plans to decommission all 3DSv1-related functionality as of 1 July 2024. As a result, this will mandate that all 3DS authenticated transactions are done via 3DSv2 protocol. Silverflow is pleased to offer 3DSv2 as a means of Bancontact authentication, alongside our full Bancontact processing functionality.

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