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Payment Industry Leaders About the Future of Payments

In this newly launched panel discussion, led by Chris Jones from PSE consulting, payment industry leaders from Silverflow, Fraudio and Intergiro will be talking about how the partnership between these three fintechs is setting a new pace in acquiring.
Payment Industry leaders about future of payments
Silverflow, Fraudio and Intergiro

Chris is talking with Silverflow’s co-founder Robert Kraal, product manager at Intergiro Ivan Ferdelja, and the co-founder of Fraudio Joao Moura.

About Intergiro

As a new acquirer, Intergiro had challenges with traditional acquiring solutions available to merchants. In todays market there are few easy to integrate, data-rich & cloud-based processing solutions that provide merchants the next level acquiring they deserve. The solutions available were not using the latest technology (such as cloud) or surfacing the latest innovations from Visa and MasterCard. Intergiro wanted to offer its new innovative banking solutions alongside a similarly modern acquiring stack.

About Silverflow

At Silverflow we see that many Neo banks (as well as payment service providers) want to become acquirers so they can provide their merchants with customer centric and innovative services. They are looking to innovate in terms of data transparency, speed of onboarding and fast time to market for new card payment features. This type of modern acquiring is not readily available on the market, especially if the acquirer wants to cherry-pick their own partners for onboarding, fraud, etc. That is why Silverflow set out to build a new processing platform and help these types of customers with the very real problems that they face. Firstly It’s about the simplicity we aim to bring allowing new acquirers to quickly go live and being easy to work with during the partnership. But it doesn’t just include the messaging between Visa & MasterCard, as we also solve the other side of acquiring such as exposing all the data and innovations that an acquirer needs to make critical business decisions which the current legacy acquirers cannot do.

About Fraudio

At Fraudio they saw an opportunity to provide a modern fraud solution that not only focused on the cardholder flow, but also helps acquirers manage the growing problem of merchant initiated fraud (think online marketplaces!) Fraudio’s approach uses a shared database & AI, allowing the acquirer a single API and data pool for cardholder and merchant fraud engine that completely outperforms the legacy rules-based systems. This in turn and decreases friction for shoppers while increases revenues for acquirers.

Final note

What makes the partnership between Intergiro, Fraudio and Silverflow so compelling is the shared vision of how payments processing, acquiring, and fraud management can be built around the end-users requirements. Next to that they are all truly cloud-native (not migrated to cloud), built from the ground up and are a dream to integrate for modern DevOps teams. We hope you enjoy the talk. We would love to hear from you on how your payments journey is going. Set up a call with one of our payments nerds or email us at

Video: Payment industry leaders about the future of payments

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